Each person’s home is a unique combination of color, patterns, textures and styles.  I hope to create equally unique lamps that complement your personal style.  -Ronda Ruby

Ronda Ruby Ceramics is a collection of decorative ceramic lamps and shades defined by bold color and dramatic shapes.  Each lamp is meticulously handcrafted by Chicago artisan and designer Ronda Ruby (Dibbern) Payne.

Ronda Ruby, a potter for the greater part of her life, is continually challenged and inspired by the ceramic medium.   It was through exploring new uses for the medium and ways to integrate ceramics with functional home decor, the idea to create ceramic lamps was developed.

There are infinite possibilities that shape each finished lamp.  Each lamp is created through the process of throwing, glazing, assembling and matching a complementary shade.   There are times when a lamp begins with a specific idea but most times the lamp slowly evolves through the creative and decision-making process.  The end result is a one-of-a-kind lamp that is as unique as a individual’s style and home.

The countless possibilities and variations, motivate Ronda Ruby to keep creating.

In addition to the items listed, I welcome custom orders as I know each person’s house is a unique blend of style, color and pattern.